AvisPlus Product Options

Conditional Logic - Option B is shown/ hidden according to the value of option A

Scenario #1: Only if customers choose to color their white mug, the option for mug color (yellow, red, green,...) will show.
Scenario #2: A T-shirt has 3 sizes: S, M, L. For S size, only yellow is available. For M and L size, only red and green are available.
The setting is the same for both scenarios. The document will write specifically about scenario #1 but you can apply it to create scenario #2.
Step 1. To begin, you need to create your primary option (Option A). In this case, we created a checkbox option asking if the customer would like their mug color customized or not.
Step 2. Then, create the second option as a Swatches Input Type (Option B). Go through the process and upload images or pick colors for each swatch value.
Step 3. Click on Show Advanced Options under the second option (Option B). Then, click on the Create new conditional rule then choose the correct Label on Cart and make sure that it contains your affirmative value above. Pick the Label on Cart of the option that you would like your second option (Option B) to depend on.
Step 4. Click on Save and you're all set. Well done!