❓My options do not show

Check the reasons why your options are not showing

#1: The app is not activated in your theme

If this is your first time using our app or you've just changed to a new theme, you need to activate the app in your theme first.

The app is activated if you see this screen in Theme Settings:

#2: The Options Set has not been applied to an appropriate product

An Option Set is a group of options that applies to specific products. After you create an Option Set, please choose a product to apply it on using Tag/ Type/ Vendor/ URL/ URL Handle/ All product.

If you have chosen more than 1 product/ group of products for this Option Set using the AND/OR button, kindly note that:

For 'AND', products must satisfy all Tag/Vendor/... to have the Option Set applied.

For 'OR', products that have either condition will have the Option Set applied.

You can find the Tag/ Vendor/ Type in the Product section of your Shopify Admin page.

#3: Your theme is not compatible with our app

✅List of our app’s compatible theme

#4: You used to have or are having other option apps running

Our code may be overwritten by other apps. No worries! Let our team help via in-app live chat or email: [email protected]

It's a FREE app with FREE integration and FREE customization! 🤩

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