AvisPlus Product Options

My options do not show

Check the reasons why your options are not showing

#1: The app is not activated in your theme

If this is your first time using our app or you've just changed to a new theme, you need to activate the app in your theme first. (View tutorial video)
The app is activated if you see this screen in Theme Settings:

#2: The options set has not been created

An option set is a group of options assigned to specific products. After you create an option in Options (Step 1), create an option set in Options Set (Step 2).
If you're not sure about the flow, spend 1.5 minutes on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8dklKSm8FE&ab_channel=AvisPlusTeam​

#3: List of our app’s compatible theme


  • Add charge feature does not work on the cart page
  • Step 1: Go to store -> Online store -> Themes
  • Step 2: Check the theme name -> Compare it to the theme list above
  • Step 3: Go to Avisplus Products Options -> Settings -> Save changes
  • Step 4: Go to cart page and reload the page.

#4: You used to have or are having other option apps running

Our code may be overwritten by other apps. No worries! Let our team help via in-app live chat or:
It's a FREE app with FREE integration and FREE customization! 🤩