Add Bundle for specific variant

The Bundle feature allows you to attach a bundle product to an option variant.
Checkout our Demo product to see how the Add bundle works 😁
The Bundle feature helps you attach an actual product in your store to a variant, which means that when customers click on the Bundle variant, the Bundle product will automatically be added to the cart. And this Bundle product is attached to the main product (since it's a selected variant) so it can only be removed once the main product is removed from cart.
Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to set up Add Bundle.
Step 1. In your Shopify Products page, create a product to be a bundle product. Include an image and set the price for the bundle product (for example: a black belt with the price of $25). This product must be available on the Online Store sales channel for the feature to work properly.
Step 2. In the Option Set tab, create an Option Set that applies to your main product (for example: a t-shirt) that needs the belt as a bundle product.
Step 3. Add a Label on Product to inform customers about the belt option for their t-shirt.
Step 4. Change the Label on Cart value to something more descriptive. Be sure to keep the Label on Cart values unique, as they will overwrite each other if they match.
Step 5. In the Option Values section, write a descriptive option informing customers about the bundle product.
Step 6. Hit Save in the bottom right corner of the popup and Save changes on the top right corner of the Option Set tab and you're all done 🤗
Here is how the Add Bundle variant will show on the product page.
Here is how the Add Bundle variant will show on the cart page.
Here is how the Add Bundle variant will show on the checkout page.
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