AvisPlus Product Options

Step 3: Activate the app

This step just needs to be done ONCE on a theme. Next time, you can skip step 3!
The app needs to be activated on the theme you want to add product options. Otherwise, your setting will not display on the frontend.
App Activation Guide


Step 1. Open theme
Go to your Store Admin, click on Online Store -> Themes and find the theme you want to use the app on.
You can also go to the activation page quickly with one click using the link on the app Dashboard.
Step 2. Activate the app
On the theme you chose, click on Theme Setting -> App embeds -> Add AvisPlus Options -> Save.
Step 3: Click on App embeds > Add AvisPlus Options > Save
After that, you're all set and can start using our app!
Need help? Let us know via in-app live chat or email: [email protected]