Instruction on how to start customizing Options

Customize the look of product options to match your brand image.
Access our app, go to Design. You may need some CSS knowledge to customize the look of your options. Nevertheless, our team is always ready to customize it for you for FREE. Feel free to let us know via in-app live chat, or email us: [email protected].
Step 1: Go to your store -> Avisplus Product Options -> Choose the “Design” tab
Step 2: In the Design tab, you will see the Custom CSS section. The black area will be the place where you can customize options by yourself using codes.
"Want to have the Option title bold and with a more creative color? Here is an easy way to get it done."
Step 3: Click on View tutorial to get to the tutorial page for options customization.
Step 4: Scroll down to the Customize code that you want (It’s Text, in this example) → #1 Customize Code → Customize Code Title → Copy the code.
Step 5 : Go back to the Design tab → Paste the copied code into the CSS section.
Step 6: Go back to the tutorial → Scroll down to #2 Elements customize code for Text → Copy the code in the Bold Text, Change text size and Change text color sections.
Step7: Back to the Design tab → Paste the copied codes in the middle of the earlier codes from step 5 (between the { })
Step 8: Click on Save Changes to save the customization
Let’s move on to the next part where you can find all the codes needed to customize the style of your options!
If you need any further support or want some unique designs, just contact us via Live chat or email “[email protected]”.