Step 1: Create options

Options are specific selections that customers can choose for their products: size, color, flavor, text and many more.
Step 1. Click on Options (Step 1) -> Create option.
Step 2. Option details
1. Option name: won't display on the storefront product page.
2. Label on Product: is the title for your option. It is the text appearing above the option field on the storefront product page.
3. Label on Cart: is the text appearing on the Cart summary screen, Checkout and Order detail page, next to what customers have input or selected for the option. This value needs to be unique for each and every one of your options.
Label on cart
4. Option Type: Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop-Down Menu, Swatches, Text, Large text, Number, Datetime.
Step 3. Click on Save to save your option.
You're just one step away to see your beautiful work on the storefront!** Next step: **** Assign options to products_.**_
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