Step 2: Create option sets

Only 1 more step to go hooray! Now create an option set to assign your beautiful options to products!
Option set = a set of options (which you created before) for specific products.
Step 1. In Option sets (Step 2), click on Create Option Set
Step 2. Find the products you want to add options to with Tag, Vendor, Product type, URL, URL Handle or apply to All products.
Find tag, vendor, product type, URL, URL handle in Products menu of store admin
Add other products using AND/OR (Optional)
Step 3. Choose options to display for selected products
Check the box in the Required column if you want to make that option compulsory. Customers cannot skip required options to proceed with adding products to Cart.
Add a custom option for the current option set (Optional)
Step 4. Click on Save changes.
--> If you have activated the app in the theme, you can see them on the storefront now!
If not? Take 1 minute to activate the app.
This is your great work on the storefront!
Need help? Let us know via in-app live chat or email: [email protected]